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Tas cops want end to costly injury policy

Tasmanian police officers injured in the line of duty are forced to take a pay cut while they recover but politicians are being urged to end the policy.

Legislation is expected before the lower house this week to remove the state's step-down provisions.

"Currently, police officers when they're badly assaulted in the workplace and are recovering from those injuries and away from work suffer a reduction in their salary," Police Association of Tasmania President Colin Riley said on Monday.

"This is regardless of the fact they put themselves in harm's way to protect the community."

Mr Riley said in some instances injured off-work police officers lost up to one-fifth of their pay.

At any one time 8-10 officers were off work injured, he added.

According to statistics from the Police Association, an average of 229 officers have been assaulted per year over the past five years.

The legislation is a Liberal government pre-election pledge to remove the provisions so officers would get 100 per cent of their pay.

"This has a massive impact on the lives of our members, active police officers, and their families," Mr Riley said.

The Labor opposition has indicated it will support the bill in the lower house, meaning it will then have to pass the independent-dominated Legislative Council.

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