Bought something you didn't expect?

This week I went to the shops to by two things.

Garden edging and a few plants.

My kids and I are building a garden in the backyard and we're calling it Grandmas Paradise after my Mum who passed this year.

While the trip went well. We got the edging, ideas on some plants, we walked out with a little more.


We jumped in the car with the garden stuff plus a duck, some stars, a reindeer and more ideas on Xmas lights than I think Santa knows what to do with.

I blame my 17yo daughter for it. 

All I said was go down and have a look at the Xmas display and she came back with idea after idea, after idea...

Is that my fault? I guess so.

Thing is she has rules too. Nothing goes up until Dec 1. That's the rule. Never allowed to be broken. Never.

Bring on Dec 1 I say.