The Way You Fold Your Towel is Everything


This is the next in a long list of debates we didn't think we actually wanted or needed and yet is still more exciting than the "American Presidential Debates" and comes close  to quite possibly being the one to rule them all.

The most important question of the day is...

What is the correct way to fold a towel?

The question was posed by @itsfrtaylorlien on twitter and the world is weighing in on it with much division. 

So are you a 1, 2 or 3?

Everyone has an opinion as to the proper way and it's even leaving some households divided.

Some people were utterly disgusted that there was more than one way, while others were "ready to throw in the towel".


@tobermorylife seemed much more balanced with the approach to "Towelling" offering some explanation well worth considering. 

Join us more more debate next week in such topics as which is the right fork to use at a dinner table and what do you make of this...