Woman Jumps Into Swell to Rescue Beer Kegs in Queensland Wild Weather

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Wild weather hit parts of Queensland and New South Wales this week, with heavy rainfall and strong winds causing flooding, inundation, and mountains of seafoam.
Amongst the chaos during the storm surge, a new local heroine in the Gold Coast was discovered.

In footage captured by 7NEWS Gold Coast, a king tide hit Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club causing the car park to be swallowed with bins and beer kegs being swept into the ocean.

This is when the new local hero sprinted to the rescue, diving into the water to snatch up the kegs then successfully walking out with both kegs in each hand.

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In a follow-up interview, the humble heroine simply says:
"There’s nothing like the ocean aye? It’s pretty spectacular."

The event was caused by an upper-level low-pressure system bringing tropical moisture into southeastern Queensland. During the week, there was more rainfall in Queensland than most major cities receive in a year with Upper Springbrook receiving 952 millimetres. The wild weather caused beaches to close due to the dangerous conditions.

Images: (7NEWS Australia / Youtube)