Watch as Man Picks up Golf Ball that Lands on Alligator

kyle downes alligator

When playing golf in Australia we only have to contend with sand and water traps and maybe a rogue magpie or kangaroo.

So spare a thought for this poor guy in Florida whose golf ball landed on an alligator sunning itself near a pond.

But rather than walking away, the brave golfer went to collect it!

The guy's brother, Kyle Downes, posted the heart-stopping footage to his Facebook page, where you can see the brave golfer creeping up to the alligator and quickly plucking his ball off its back...

...but not before the alligator notices and turns his head in a terrifying moment.

Thankfully the alligator takes off into the water in the opposite direction to the golfer. Maybe he’d already had his lunch.

Alligators are par for the course (pardon the pun) in Florida, with an estimated 1.3 million in the state.

Their father Steven commented on the Facebook post saying, “My son… I have no words 😶"

While another friend commented: “A tru Florida golfer would have played through.”

Have you had to deal with rogue animals while playing golf?

Image: Facebook/Kyle Downes