The Unhappy Meal: Iceland’s Decade-Old Burger That Just Won’t Quit

January 17, 2024 1:21 pm in by

Ready for a whopper of a story? Brace yourselves, burger lovers! The last McDonald’s meal sold in Iceland back in 2009 is still on a roll, looking as fresh as the day it was flipped. Surviving over a decade without a speck of mould, this fast-food relic practically deserves its own Happy Meal toy.

Located at Snotra House, a popular hostel in southern Iceland, this tantalising time-capsule continues to baffle and bemuse. The owner, Siggi Sigurdur, reportedly said in 2019, “It’s a fun thing… but it makes you think about what you’re eating.” Indeed Siggi, it’s food… or is it?

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The immortal meal, displayed under a glass case, is such a hit that it even boasts its own livestream. It’s reported to have attracted 400,000 views, making it the unlikeliest of internet sensations.

Why hasn’t the Golden Arches returned to Iceland since 2009? Well, after the country’s economy took a nosedive in 2008, importing McIngredients became too costly. So, for now, Iceland is a McDonald’s-free zone, leaving our indefatigable burger as a curious culinary memento. Don’t you just love food for thought?