This week's Jackpot is $100 to spend at Whitsunday Food Service

Slider FootyTipping NRL 2

Classic Hits 4MK is giving you the chance to face off against Hammo for your 2018 NRL footy tips.
We'll be tipping round by round, with a new caller every week - this week it could be you!

Call Hammo on Thursday mornings (1300 872 911) to be our lucky caller, then you and Hammo will both name your tips for each game for that week's round.

All you have to do is get more of the week's tips right than Hammo, which we'll find out the following Monday!

If you beat Hammo, you'll win $50 to spend on the delicious food at Whitsunday Food Services! If not it jackpots by $50 per week They stock bacon, Hungarian Salami, blueberries, mud cake and more, all in bulk!