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5/22 William Murray Drive Cannonvale Queensland 4802
Shop: 07 4946 5809 Hamilton Island: 0409 411 294

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FISHI “Fresh Island Seafood” is a family run business located from two premises Hamilton Island and Cannonvale, Airlie Beach. Officially started in 2013 by Matt and Bronwyn who have been full-time residents of Hamilton Island since they met in 1998.

Matt has an extensive fishing background which started as a toddler fishing with his father. He has worked as a boat skipper and a local recreational and commercial fisherman ever since. While Bronwyn has been involved in food and beverage and the wildlife park for the best part of 14 years.

Between them, they carry a great general local knowledge of Fishing, Food and Beverage and their surroundings. They also take their pristine environment seriously, ensuring that whilst providing a fantastic service they are environmentally aware in all aspects of their business. This has also been awarded by GPRUMPA naming them as Reef Guardians in their ‘Reef Guardian Program’ which they are very proud of.

FISHI’s mission statement is dedicated to supporting the Australian Fisheries, promoting local product as a forefront.

FISHI hope you will enjoy their products as much as they do.

For Orders Email: orders@fishi.com.au

For General Enquiries Email: fishi@fishi.com.au