Tick cases expected to rise across Mackay

September 13, 2022 7:21 am in by

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Local vets say there’s been a significant rise in tick cases in the region.

“We had a massive spike in August of how many tick cases we saw, but we do see tick cases all year round so they are around all the time. Definitely the conditions at the moment though make them more common,” says Ben Brightman from Valley Veterinary Surgery.

It’s only expected to intensify over the coming months with more rain forecast for Spring and Summer.

The insects thrive in wet weather.

Mr Brightman says pet owners should look out for dogs and cats having trouble walking and breathing.

“They die from respiratory paralysis, they get pneumonia secondary. It is a really, really nasty disease. The best thing you can try and do to reduce the risk of that happening is if you notice any signs get into the vet as soon as possible,” he says.

Preventative treatments are available and it’s recommended people go into their local vet clinic to chat about the best products for their pets.

Image: AAP