A New Survey Reveals Which University Graduates Struggle to Find Jobs After Graduating

February 15, 2023 12:32 pm in by
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The news can either come as a reassurance that all of your hard work was worth it or more of a warning that you might have a tough road ahead of you, as some graduates find it easier to gain employment than others.

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, which was the survey conducted by the Federal Department of Education, received over 130,000 responses from students that graduated between March 2021 and February 2022, found that 77 per cent of graduates were happy with what they’d chosen to study.

Though that number sounds high, it is actually the lowest result in a decade, with previous years being over 80 per cent.

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The study areas where undergraduates left most disappointed were dentistry (55 per cent), creative arts and engineering (72 per cent).

The most satisfied graduates were those in areas such as agriculture and environmental studies (88 per cent), social work and humanities, culture and social sciences (83 per cent)

After graduation, the areas that were most successful in gain employment were law, social work, arts and humanities, psychology and communications grads with a reported 87 per cent getting jobs, full-time employment rates spanned from 68 per cent (comms) to 80 per cent (law).

81 per cent of creative arts students got jobs, but only 57 per cent held full-time positions. But overall, tourism, hospitality and sports grads had the lowest combined rate of full-time employment at 65 per cent, but 89 per cent had a job.